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To the people complaining about mzapp not being used in Africa
Shut it.

This isn't a case of xenophobia or racism or classism or whatever social injustice you're thinking is happening. I mean, maybe of that took place in choosing who it did but the government of the affected countries need to shoulder some of that blame. When your nation is in crisis and there is only enough of a drug to maybe help two, maybe three people, what do you do? But seriously.

One, the drug has never been tested on humans.

Two, the drug hasn't even finished animal trials.

Three, Mapp Biopharmaceutical is a small US based company, which means production of a highly experimental drug is not only expensive but difficult to ramp up. Plus it is still regulated by FDA regulations.

Four, never tested on humans so god knows what side effects are there or if it even works or makes it even worse. Using experimental drugs is a huge risk.

Five, while history had shown that the middle of an epidemic has been a boon for drug research, it's incredibly risky.

Six, if Brantly and Writebol had been in the US with Ebola, chances are they would have never gotten the drug.

Seven, it will take time to ramp up enough of the drug to treat people in Africa right now.

The best thing that can be done for them right now is to contain the virus so it doesn't spread to others and encourage people you know in the afflicted areas to practice the precautions laid out by the CDC and WHO.


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