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#firstworldproblems Dilemma
One of my favorite bands (The Gaslight Anthem) is going to be playing at a local joint next Thursday. Next Thursday is also a raiding night and I'm missing the following Thursday (and possibly Tuesday) already because of ACen. Normally I'd be 50/50 on going but they just finished recording their newest album and a part of me is wondering if they'll play a preview of it at the show...

Ugh. WHy a Thursday TGA?!


Putting some serious consideration into obtaining some bowties for personl wear...


Pens pens and more pens
My current Do Want list include the following:
Visconti Homo Sapien. I have not decided if I would like the Bronze of the Steel Age better. My inclination is towards Steel largely because the Bronze is an oversized pen. While I have giant man hands, I don't think I'd be comfortable writing with oversized pens. But if I can give it a try, I'd like to test both of them.

Pilot Vanishing Point. I am intrigued about these pens and I would LOVE to love these designs but they're all so incrediably boring. The metallic colored ones just look cheap to me, maybe it's the photos though. The only ones that I really like are the two Raden pens and the 50th anniversary wooden version seen here.

Otherwise, I've pretty much have most of my current 'must have pens'.

I am, however, also considering the Visconti Merry Go Round. It's way cheaper than the homo sapien as it's built off of their Rembrandt line and money gets donated to a children's hospital in Italy for every pen sold. It's being marketed as a 'child's first Visconti'.

There's still a couple pens on my 'would be nice to have' list, largely a vintage Mont Blanc and a vintage Waterman and/or Scheaffer. I own a vintage Parker Vacumatic (that I need to get some nib work done on) and a vintage Wahl-Eversharp, so there's no BURNING NEED for another vintage pen really. But would love to get a few more gold nibbed pens. Right now only the two vintage pens and my Platinum are gold nibbed. 

Note to self:
Get some of the prints from this chick.

Basically need all of her Sabriel Arts.

(Maybe not the one with Terciel and baby Sabriel and maybe not just Sabriel but definitely the landscape one and the 9 gates).

Things I notice during breakfast
My sausages lool like little uncircumcised penises.

Sleep and dreams
Slept like shit but had an amazing dream that I wish was completely real. I like to think that this is me getting a glimpse of my life in another dimension.

Ugh. Done with Gawker Media
Dark Saber
You wouldn't use the word "nigger" to refer to anyone of African descent ever so why the fuck is it then somehow fucking acceptable to use the word "gook" to refer to someone of Asian descent? Especially as part of a headline to point out Asian Americans taking offense to something that they think is racist?

IMO, I also think that the individuals taking offense missed the point of the original comment but that does not excuse the editors of deadspin and Gawker Media for allowing the use of gook as part of a headline. ESPECIALLY when the actual article is already pretty fucking offensive because it belittles and ridicules the individuals in question.

Fuck Gawker Media. I am done with you.

In a bid to try and get more sleep, I went to bed nearly a full hour earlier than usual. Ended up losing most of that hour with near constant turning and waking up.

My fucking dog
Came downstairs from raiding only to find that at some point, he knocked over the trash can, dragged it into the dining room and proceeded to take EVERY THING out piece by piece. He left a trail of trash going all the way from the dining room to the living room. Everything that once contained food was carefully licked clean.

Fortunately, there was nothing in the trash that's toxic to him. Still...

Can't trust him downstairs without the gates anymore. Asshole is coming upstairs for raid nights.

At least he didn't pee anywhere.

Letter/FP related stuff
I still owe two people letters (you know who you are). So that's something that's going to get done. Also considering starting up a small RP related project using my pens, a scanner/camera and tumblr.

Also, I think half the fun of owning fountain pens is flushing them and selecting which colors to use. So that's something that I'm going to be doing tonight. Giving all of my pens a good cleaning and then refilling them. I'll be retiring the Noodler's Konrad I think, because it's having leaking issues and I need to read up more on heat setting the ebonite feed before I go and try to mess with it.

The Parker is also going into storage until I can get around to sending it off to someone for repairs. I'm not exactly comfortable filling and writing with the tines being... off the way they are.

I still need to find a good red though... Might dig through my samples to find something suitable. Love the 1670 Rouge Hematite but the saturated nature of it makes it... not exactly one that I want living long term in my pens.

But first! Dinner. Then time for inky fingers. :D


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